Sharon Parsons

Here, you will unlock the incredible lifelong advantages of Pilates + Breathwork from the comfort of your home

Certified Pilates instructor and non-judgy future friend, here to empower you to become more confident, connected, and at peace in your body & in life.

Are you tired of being tired? And going through life feeling sore, stressed, and uncomfortable? Would you love to have more energy to run around with the kids or grandkids? How about actually feeling excited about exercise?

If this sounds like you, welcome to the community - where we work through the challenges that inhibit you from living a full life. And where we strive for results that last.

It’s time to move into the healthiest version of yourself.

It’s time for your Pilates body.

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Pilates online

video library

With my library, you can practice Pilates whenever and wherever it works best for you. No more scheduling conflicts or studio limitations – the power of Pilates is at your fingertips!

You can take some of my free Pilates classes here

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Online Pilates Studio for Any Body, Anytime.

✓Unlimited access to 100+ mat Pilates classes

✓Classes ranging from 10 to 40 minutes

✓Variety of classes suited for all levels

✓Clear instructions to make you feel like you are in the studio with Sharon

✓Priority access to new programs + wellness retreats

✓Cancel anytime

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How about a virtual coffee date?

If you'd like to talk about how I might be able to help with, feel free to book straight in for a free chat using my calendar.

Hi, I am Sharon

The Pilates Mat Room Studio Owner

Advanced Pilates Instructor

Yoga instructor

Breath facilitator

Yoga for Golfers

Performance for sports

Mobility specialist

As a mom, wife, business owner, and multi-passionate human, I don’t have time to waste - and neither do you. I believe that workouts should be convenient, effective, safe, and most importantly, feel good for your unique body.That’s why I created an all-inclusive membership so you can incorporate Pilates into your life anytime, anywhere, and for any purpose. You’ll gain immediate access to my full on-demand library to help you remain consistent on your journey to optimizing the way you move.

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